Daniel G. Benes, science popularizer and host of Daniel G. Benes Science Shows, performs amazing old-school and state-of-the-art demonstrations of physics, chemistry, and hair-raising, high-voltage electrical magic mixed with working museum-quality antique science and technology! Edge-of-your-seat excitement, audience participation, and old-fashioned showmanship combine for some serious scientific fun!

Daniel G. Benes’s (pronounced “Ben•nes”) family-friendly, STEAM-based shows and events have been featured on television and radio, including We Are Austin, NPR’s The Texas Standard, KLBJ FM’s Dudley & Bob with Matt Show, KOOP Radio, and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, including Georgetown View, Hill Country View, Austin Chronicle, Texas Monthly, and The New York Times. Daniel’s motto: “Have Science, Will Travel” has placed him on stage in front of many thousands of students at schools, academies, libraries, and museums across the state of Texas. His science enrichment programs and custom science curriculum have been featured at many youth centers and schools, including Montessori. Daniel's annual Interactive Antique Science & Technology Exhibits have been awarded 5 Staff Pick Blue Ribbons by Maker Faire Austin, and have been featured at SXSW Interactive Create and numerous museums, including the Bullock Texas State History Museum. 

Fun Facts: Daniel is a former two-time Austin FM radio show host and producer with over a million syndicated listeners, and more impressively, a well-known, award-winning, long-time World/Ambient/New Age/Classical Music multi-instrumentalist composer and recording artist. He is a skilled Native American flute/World flute performer and keyboardist with two albums under his belt, and Winner of the 2010 People’s Choice Music Competition for #1 Best World Music Instrumental for his song, “Winds of the Desert Sands”  (www.reverbnation.com/danielgbenes/song/6891989-winds-desert-sands-2008-daniel). In fact, it is Daniel G. Benes’s music that Georgetown St. Davids Hospital plays each time a baby is born! He has worked in aerospace as a flight avionics technician, and on the other end of the technical spectrum as an outdoor primitive survival skills instructor. Daniel has even competed in the Texas Parks & Wildlife “Archeolympics” Primitive Skills Competition. He holds one of the top Texas records for fastest friction fire made with a primitive “hand drill”––from zero to fire in 53 seconds. 

Daniel is a member of W.A.T.T.; World Association of Technology Teachers, and is a lifelong learner devoted to inspiring and enriching the lives of others. It’s been said that if you were to add up all of the things Daniel G. Benes has done, it would equal more years than he’s been alive. And that’s something that only science can explain."

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