Cynthia Lee Fontaine, will be our VERY special guest at EGX 2019!  You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to welcome her! You can also find her on Snapchat @lee_fontaine

Cynthia Lee has agreed to assist in the cosplay contest and will also perform a two songs and answer your questions on Saturday! If you'd like to meet her in person, be sure to get your VIP Badge before they run out--she will only be available to VIPs during a meet and greet on Saturday.

Cynthia Lee, Better known as "CUCU", won the hearts of fans during season 8 of reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she garnered the Miss Congeniality award (historically top 5 contestants have won, Cynthia broke with tradition ), or "Cucugeniality" as she jokingly refers to herself.

It's that amazing positive energy and genuine heart radiating from Cynthia that caught Mama Ru's eye and earned herself a "second chance" at RuPaul’s Drag Race as was invited back for Season 9 (only the second queen in Herstory to be invited back) and coincidentally, Cynthia has been given a second chance at life as well: Cynthia is currently in remission after surviving stage 1 liver cancer.

A Puerto Rico native, from a military family, Cynthia spent time in the Republic of Panama, and in New York City while growing up, before nestling in the music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. Prior to Drag Race, Cynthia worked as an Outreach worker and Peer Support Specialist at the Community Aids Resources and Education Program (C.A.R.E Program) in Austin Texas. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology with a minor in human sexuality; and is a Mental Health Technician.

Sexy as a Goddess and Funny as a Clown! Onstage Cynthia brings the total package: an unprecedented amount of energy boasting with hi kicks and Dance moves on her lip syncs; Comedy with a sweet cheesy style that can't help but be hilarious even when she isn't trying; and vocal versatility: being a trained Opera singer, she possesses one of the strongest vibratos in captivity while her raspy melodic singing voice will deliver POP perfection a la P!nk.