EGX is unique because of the variety and quantity of programs offered.  Browse our schedule and plan your visit!

Accepted programs as of February 19.

Type of Program Program Name Description
Cosplay-How To Creating Moving Wings Learn how to create moving wings with pulleys and actuators.
Making/Crafting, Arts  Community Quilting Project Be a part of this year's quilt creation! No sewing required
Technology/Cosplay 3D Printing in Cosplay Learn how 3D printing can help your cosplay to the next level!
Live Podcast Epically Geeky Show LIVE! Come answer geeky questions as we do the show LIVE on YouTube!
Con Community
Fake Geek Girl: A discussion about the fear and loathing directed towards geek girls decried as fake 
Join a discussion geared toward eradicating mysogyny in what should be the most inclusive and safe place for women: the comic con.
Cosplay/Live Action Role Play
Cosplay Battle Chess
Prepare for war! Be a human chess piece and show us your moves in cosplay!
Batman Miniature Game
Play the Knight Models' Batman Miniature Game with an assortment of iconic DC heroes and villains.
Arts Artist Dojo Watch our artists LIVE on a big screen in Artist's Alley!
Science Scanning Electron Microscope Demo
See the revolutionary microscope that allows you to see what cannot be seen by the human eye OR traditional microscopes!